TIPS Kiosk Management Software
TIPS Kiosk Management Portal

Track and analyze kiosk activity – in real time, from anywhere!

Online Kiosk Management | TIPS Cloud™ / TIPS Server™

TIPS Kiosk Management Portal is an enterprise level software solution for managing devices running TIPS Kiosk Management Software. It is a password-secured web portal that serves as the single point of entry to help customers remotely manage, monitor and maintain geographically diverse kiosk devices for proper health and operation.

TIPS Kiosk Management Software - Web Portal
The web portal provides a central management snapshot of all machines at a glance via any web browser, as well as versatile content and configuration management for all devices.

TIPS Kiosk Management Software - Powerful Reporting
It contains a powerful reporting engine able to run on demand reports to identify usage trends, kiosk activity, web sites visited and session duration.

Cloud-Based or Self-Hosted — Your Choice!

TIPS Kiosk Management Portal is available as a DynaTouch-hosted, Software-as-a-Service solution (TIPS Cloud™) or a self-hosted server solution ready to run on your network (TIPS Server™).

Software hosting solution - Cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution (TIPS Cloud™)

Software hosting solution - On premise Self-hosted server solution (TIPS Server™)

Key Benefits

TIPS Cloud and TIPS Server offer a complete solution for managing your TIPS network, including online tools to monitor, measure, and manage every user interaction with remote kiosks, wall-mounted displays, shared workstations and tablets:

  • Remotely monitor near real-time status and health of all devices
  • Capture detailed usage data, for every touch, print and user session
  • Easily update software, device configurations and all content
  • Editors to manage device configurations and create and update content elements
  • Create kiosk groups and administrative profiles to manage your network
  • Provide detailed tracking of all remote devices and components
  • Real-time alerts of system, device or network issues
  • Print a variety of pre-formatted statistical reports and charts