TIPS Kiosk Management Software for Windows

Kiosk Management Software Client for Windows

Basic, Pro & Pro Plus Versions

The ideal kiosk software solution for presenting, securing and managing web-enabled content and applications on public-access kiosks, shared workstations and/or digital signage systems. TIPS runs on top of Windows 7 or greater and eliminates all access to the network and O/S. It is compatible with thick, thin or zero client configurations, so it can be used in either a traditional or virtual machine environment.

TIPS Basic, Pro & ProPlus Versions

Three versions of TIPS allow for multiple price points for the functionality you need, whether for a basic kiosk, more advanced peripheral device management or an enterprise-level system with remote monitoring and session level statistics. This chart shows a quick view of each of our software levels. If you need a more detailed list, then check out the Detailed Version Comparison Chart at the bottom of this page to see which version is right for you.

TIPS Kiosk Management Software: Basic
  • Browser lockdown and URL filtering
  • Tamper proof security that prohibits access to OS, network, unauthorized content
  • Session management to reset defaults and secure all user session data
  • Ability to display full range of web-based content
  • Customizable, easy-to-use, full screen browser interface
  • Onscreen virtual keyboard, print and QR code
  • User-adjustable onscreen controls for volume and zoom
  • Multi-touch enabled navigation and interactivity
  • Built-in attract loop features (screen savers)
  • Support for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth printing
  • Flexible run loop that allows alternate exe, start-up and session specific programs
  • Device support for basic peripherals – touchscreens, printers, speakers, card readers
TIPS Kiosk Management Software: Pro
  • All of the TIPS Basic features
  • Device support for a full range of kiosk peripherals:
  • smart card readers
  • QR/bar code scanners
  • proximity sensors and mats
  • dual monitors
  • biometric readers
  • Support for multiple languages with user-adjustable onscreen control
TIPS Kiosk Management Software: Pro Plus

Most Popular

  • All of the TIPS Basic and TIPS Pro features
  • Remote monitoring capability with regular check-in, daily detailed status/activity logs *
  • Remote content management and updating capability *
  • Remote usage data collection and reporting capability *

* Remote monitoring, content management and usage data collection require TIPS Cloud or TIPS Server.

System Requirements:


Windows 11 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit


2GB Ram


1 GHz Dual Core Processor or better

Screen Resolution

Supports virtually any resolution

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