TIPS Software Features

Graphical User Interface

Kiosk-Friendly Graphical User Interface

Our Kiosk-Friendly Graphical User Interface enables complex content from Intranets, web sites, business applications and back-end systems to be integrated into a seamless, powerful yet easy-to-use interactive resource, including rich media assets like full motion video, audio and animation.

Easy Browser-Like Operation

Display any web-based content or application. Provides user-friendly buttons for navigating, browsing, zooming, audio volume, etc. for an easy-to-use browser-like experience. Integrated support for multiple languages and character sets.

Customizable Skins

TIPS lets you customize colors and graphics to promote your brand and create a unique, identifiable user interface that effectively delivers your content and automated services.

Attract Loop Graphics / Digital Signage

Flexible multimedia attract loop displays when system is not in use, triggered by inactivity timer or session exit. Let’s you present customized messages or digital signage campaigns.

Customizable On Screen Keyboard

Use TIPS built in virtual keyboard for online forms and inputs. Customize the default keyboard with your layouts, keysets and graphics. Qwerty and Alpha layouts standard.

Customizable Print Status Messages

Presents information and instructions to the user on the status of printing.

On Screen User Volume Control

Using on screen controls, the volume level of all audio output can be adjusted by users. The default level is established by the kiosk administrator. When desired, users may adjust the volume up or down. At the end of each user session, or after a brief period of non-use, the kiosk automatically resets to the default volume level.

On Screen Zoom Control

Allows users to adjust the zoom level of the browser for more convenient display of information, and to support compliance with ADA and Section 508 requirements.

Tabbed Browsing

Allows users to tab between browser content in multiple tabs when appropriate.

Multi-Touch Capable

Supports multi-touch monitors and gesturing, e.g. to grow, shrink, swipe or reposition screen content.

Multiple Language Support

Support for multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and others by special request.

Detailed Navigation and Session Logs

Every touch, click and print request is date time stamped and recorded for complete session and navigation reporting.

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