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Kiosk software sets the stage for end user satisfaction. It gives access to all users creating a sense of security, reliable results, and an overall experience that leaves us smiling. The kiosk software features influence user actions and ultimately drive positive results. And it’s awesome. TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software provides a great platform for interactive, self-service solutions. It solves the most important measurement and optimization problems that kiosk customers face.

The TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software is loaded with kiosk software features to give your project the most Powerful, Proven, and Reliable foundation in the industry. Let us know today how we can help you!

Kiosk Software Features

Powerful Network & Internet Security

Kiosk Software Features - Network & Internet SecurityTurn standard desktop and tablets into secure public facing kiosks with TIPS complete network and internet security features. Runs as O/S shell for maximum performance and security. Eliminates tampering. Browser and desktop are completely locked down, preventing unauthorized access to the Internet, network, file system or O/S.

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User Session Management

Kiosk Software Features - User Session ManagementProtect your users data with complete confidence. TIPS controls the entire session — clearing cookies, internet cache, user certificates and other session specific data to ensure the data privacy of your users. Resets all user controls to default settings ensuring a clean fresh session for each user.

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ADA, Section 508 & HIPAA Compliance

Kiosk Software Features - HIPAA, ADA & Section 508Extensive experience with government and healthcare kiosk projects means that no kiosk software supports ADA, Section 508 and HIPAA compliance requirements more than TIPS.  Session management, readability, color-coding, user-adjustable volume control, user-adjustable zoom level, virtual touchpad, audio output and text-to-speech capability.

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Robust Administrative Interface

Kiosk Software Features - Administrative InterfacePassword-secured configuration and kiosk management tool. Enables only authorized access to Windows administrative tasks. Provides multiple levels of access to browser settings, security settings, peripheral device settings, authorized URL list, system update functions, and more.

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Built-In Peripheral Device Integration

Kiosk Software Features - Peripheral Device IntegrationBuilt-in functionality to integrate and support a full range of peripheral devices — printers (laser and thermal), dual/secondary monitors, card readers, DoD-approved CAC readers, fingerprint readers, badge readers, bar code scanners, image scanners, proximity sensors (infrared and security mat options), video cameras, autodial telephones, amplified dual speakers.

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Kiosk-Friendly Graphical User Interface

Kiosk Software Features - Graphical User InterfaceEnables complex content from intranets, web sites, business applications and back end systems to be integrated into a seamless, powerful yet easy-to-use interactive resource, including rich media assets like full motion video, audio and animation.

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Comprehensive Usage Analytics & Reporting

Kiosk Software Features - Usage Analytics & ReportingAutomatically logs and date-time stamps all system activities, status, user navigations and printing for detailed analysis and reporting, accessible via web interface. Tracks system uptime and connectivity. Standard reports for uptime, user sessions, total hits, average hits per session, usage by day and time of day, top pages/websites visited. Reports available for selectable date ranges, and for individual kiosks or kiosk groups.

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Reliable Remote Monitoring

Kiosk Software Features - Remote MonitoringAllows system status to be monitored real-time via a centralized server.  Systems “check in” to provide status data and ensure maximum uptime.  This heartbeat signal confirms system is operational and has Internet connectivity.  Hardware events such as printer alerts are sent real-time up to the server for immediate action. Hardware events can be configured to send alerts via email and/or text message to local personnel to help take corrective action.  Alerts can be sent to individual or multiple personnel.

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Fast & Easy Remote Updating

Kiosk Software Features - Remote UpdatingProvides the ability to control and securely update all content and software components from a centralized server, via http or https, using a client-side pull strategy. Manages updates for selected individual kiosks or entire kiosk groups.

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Powerful, Proven, Reliable!

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User Session Management

  • Automatically clears session cookies, Internet cache, print queue and user certificates between each session
  • Resets volume, font size, zoom level and language to default settings after each user session
  • Flexible multimedia attract loop, triggered by customizable inactivity timer or session exit
  • Internal heartbeat monitors UI stability
  • Compatible with security mats and proximity sensors to automatically initiate and/or end user sessions*

Tamper-Proof Internet Security

  • Top Government security certifications
  • Runs as O/S shell replacement for maximum performance and security*
  • Browser and desktop completely locked down, preventing unauthorized access to the Internet, network, file system and O/S
  • All navigations filtered through authorized URL database, including white list, black list and wild card features
  • Manages all pop-ups, dialogs and windows*

ADA & 508 Compliant

  • Special control allows seated users access to entire touchscreen using an onscreen “virtual touchpad”
  • User-adjustable zoom (magnification) and volume control levels
  • GUI content is easy to read
  • No information or selections conveyed exclusively with color
  • Proven compatibility with industry leading screen reader

*Applies to Windows version only.