TIPS Software Features

Administrative Interface

Robust Interface & Configuration Utility

Password-secured configuration and kiosk management tool administrative interface. Enables only authorized access to Windows administrative tasks. Provides multiple levels of access to browser settings, security settings, peripheral device settings, authorized URL list, system update functions and more.

Local Configuration Management

Allows authorized administrators to configure all local software and device settings from the kiosk.

Secure Access to OS Admin Functions

Provides access to the operating system for administrative tasks, network settings, touchscreen calibration and other IT needs.

User Interface Configuration

Enables updates to the look and feel of the user interface, including colors, button images, which buttons are active, location and look of the navigation and status bars, and much more.

Optional Daily Reboot

Automatically reboot the system nightly to reset and/or free up system resources.

Hardware Configuration

Configure and test kiosk hardware, such as proximity devices, printers, card readers, scanners, cameras and phones.

Software and Content Updates

Allows administrators to trigger an immediate update of the software and/or kiosk content.

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