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Remote Content, Software & Configuration Management

TIPS Software Features | Remote Updating

TIPS Pro Plus software provides the ability to control and securely update all content and software components from a centralized server, via http or https, using a client-side pull strategy. You can manage updates for selected individual kiosks or entire kiosk groups.

TIPS Kiosk Management Software - Remote Updating


Remote Content Updates

Manage content remotely via server. Kiosks pull local content updates as needed or on demand. Logs generated for verification of success.

Remote Software Updates

Automatically install software patches and updates to the TIPS Kiosk Software remotely.

Remote Configuration

Remotely configure options.

Send / Retrieve Files

Send a file to or retrieve a file from the kiosk client.

Remote Management Dashboard

The TIPS Kiosk Management Portal dashboard gives a snapshot of system health for kiosk network, and links to other administrative functions.