TIPS Software Features

Network & Internet Security

Government Approved

TIPS software’s Network & Internet Security features have been tested for vulnerabilities by numerous U.S. Government agencies. In every instance, it has met or exceeded all standards for user and network security. For this reason, TIPS software has been repeatedly authorized to operate on U.S. Military and VA networks.

  • One-VA TRM List of Approved Software
  • Certified for Section 508 Compliance by the IRS

You can turn standard desktops and tablets into secure public-facing kiosks with TIPS.

  • Runs as the operating system shell for maximum performance and security
  • Completely eliminates any tampering, improper use or access
  • Browser and Windows desktop are completely locked down, preventing unauthorized access to the Internet, network, file system or operating system

User Session Management and Privacy

Automatically clears session variables, cookies, Internet cache, and user certificates between each session to ensure data privacy. Provides a clean session for each user.

Browser Lockdown

Runs in locked down mode for maximum performance and security; eliminates tampering. Browser and OS are completely locked down, preventing unauthorized access to the Internet, network, file system or O/S settings.

Internet Website Filtering

All navigations, including frames, ads, popups and secondary links, are filtered through an authorized URL database. White list, black list and wild card features provide a flexible way to prevent user access to unauthorized content.

Windows Shell Replacement

Replaces the Windows Shell with a lock down program, eliminating the standard Windows Desktop and Start Menu.

Dialog Blocker

Watches for creation of new windows and dialogs and prevents unauthorized objects.

Keyboard Filter/Blocker

Block individual or any combination of keys, including Alt-Ctrl-Delete and function keys.

Automatic Startup and Restart

Automatically restarts application on boot up and after power loss.

Runs in Restricted Access Windows User Account

Runs under a standard user account, with no need for power user or administrative rights.

Automatic Timed Logoff / Session End

System automatically ends user session after the specified time of inactivity. Prevents user data from being left behind and ensures privacy for all users.

Restricted Browsing (URL Blacklist/Whitelist)

All navigations are filtered though the allowed URL list to determine if the URL is allowable. Secondary links and framed content such as ads are subject to the same restriction.  The software logs all blocked content and displays onscreen notices.

Popup Blocking / Tabbed Browsing

Popup windows from the web pages are detected and managed by the software. If a popup window is allowed (i.e. its URL is not restricted), it will display in a new browser tab.

File Download Blocking

Prevents users from downloading or saving files locally.

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