TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software Suite

The industry-leading platform for self-service devices

Built on over 35 years of experience, TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software Suite is the ideal kiosk software solution for presenting and managing content and applications on unattended, public access kiosks, displays, tablets, and workstations.

TIPS Client™

for Windows Devices

TIPS software for Windows package

TIPS Cloud™

Online Kiosk Management Portal

TIPS ProPlus Cloud for Windows package

User Session Management

  • Automatically clears session cookies, Internet cache, print queue and user certificates between each session
  • Resets volume, font size, zoom level and language to default settings after each user session
  • Flexible multimedia attract loop, triggered by customizable inactivity timer or session exit
  • Internal heartbeat monitors UI stability
  • Compatible with security mats and proximity sensors to automatically initiate and/or end user sessions*

Tamper-Proof Internet Security

  • Top Government security certifications
  • Runs as O/S shell replacement for maximum performance and security*
  • Browser and desktop completely locked down, preventing unauthorized access to the Internet, network, file system and O/S
  • All navigations filtered through authorized URL database, including white list, black list and wild card features
  • Manages all pop-ups, dialogs and windows*

ADA & 508 Compliant

  • Special control allows seated users access to entire touchscreen using an onscreen “virtual touchpad”
  • User-adjustable zoom (magnification) and volume control levels
  • GUI content is easy to read
  • No information or selections conveyed exclusively with color
  • Proven compatibility with industry leading screen reader

*Applies to Windows version only.

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