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Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

TIPS Software Features | Analytics & Reporting

TIPS software automatically logs and date-time stamps all system activities, status, user navigation and printing, and tracks system uptime and connectivity for detailed Kiosk Analytics & Reporting. Reports are accessible via TIPS Cloud or TIPS Server. Numerous standard reports are available for selectable date ranges and for individual kiosks or kiosk groups, in columnar and graphical formats.

Analytics & Reporting


Program Uptime Report

Records correct operation of TIPS programs and report rolling up past performance.

Internet Heartbeat Report

Records Internet heartbeat between the client and the server. Shows Internet uptime and connectivity issues.

Bad Links Report

TIPS records Internet errors from your content set and sends them to the server for correction to the content set.

Blocked Sites Report

When a user tries to navigate to a site that is blocked via website filtering, TIPS records the request so that you can allow access or continue to deny access to the URL.

Usage Summary Report

Gives top level total sessions, total page views and printouts. Lists average session time, average page views per session.

Detailed Usage Statistic Reports

Multiple preformatted reports and charts help identify trends and usage for your kiosk network, including individual devices, kiosk groups or network-wide. View, print and/or analyze kiosk usage by: Location, Month, Day, Day of the Week, Hour of the Day, Website, URL, Favorite URL, Print Request and more.

Email Reports

Automatically have kiosk activity reports emailed on selected schedules, to one or more recipients.

Flexible Kiosk Grouping

Create groups for kiosks.