TIPS Software Features

User Session Management

Protect User Data

Protect your user data with complete confidence. TIPS software controls the entire session, clearing cookies, Internet cache, user certificates and other session-specific data to ensure the data privacy of your users. TIPS resets all user controls to default settings, ensuring a clean, fresh session for each user.

Post User Session Clean-up

At the end of each session, all cookies, Internet cache, session variables and personal certificates are deleted, creating a clean state for the next user and assuring the privacy of previous users. The process also clears any data in online forms filled out by users, and clears the Windows print queue to make sure no sensitive print data is left behind.

Restore Defaults After Every Session

At the end of each user session, all defaults (including volume level, screen zoom level and selected language) are restored back to configured default settings. All default values can be set and updated anytime by authorized administrators.

User Inactivity Timer

A configurable timer automatically times out and closes user sessions after the specified period of activity to protect the data of users who leave without exiting the session. An onscreen warning is displayed allowing users to continue the session if desired.

Proximity Device Support

The software supports several proximity devices to detect when a user leaves, triggering an instant session clean up. Systems can also be configured to automatically open a session and greet users when a new arrival is detected by the proximity sensor.

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